Dr. Valaida Wise, former Head of School, explains the importance of early childhood education

About The Harbor School

Your child is an original. There is no other child in the world like your child. Your child is uniquely designed and brilliant in their own special way.

Shouldn’t your child’s education be original?

For nearly 40 years, The Harbor School has been providing a dynamic, innovative academic experience for young children in the Washington, DC area. Our “inquiry-based” approach underlies all that we do, drawing upon your child’s innate brilliance to craft an educational program that is joyful, well-rounded and exciting.

The school provides a well-balanced curriculum which integrates an appropriately challenging academic program with study in the fine and performing arts, library science, foreign language, physical education and technology. We believe strongly that children learn best through experience. In this regard, we provide a variety of learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

With highly specialized faculty, an engaging curriculum and a commitment to creativity, The Harbor School excels at boosting the confidence, independence and intellect of young learners from Preschool through Second Grade. We are one of few accredited schools in the Washington area that focuses on these vital early years.

  • Our students enjoy a balance of responsibility and freedom that helps them grow as both learners and individuals.
  • Harbor students learn how to make their own decisions and see how their choices affect their classmates and their community.
  • Beyond education, we place a strong emphasis on maturation - helping our students discover who they are as individuals, what they can do and who they want to be.
  • The fabric of our school community is woven together from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value every student and celebrate our differences as well as our similarities.