Students at The Harbor School benefit from the wisdom and insights from one of the region's best trained and most qualified faculty.

 Number of Faculty/Staff = 23
 Faculty with Advanced Degrees = 52%
 Faculty Teaching Experience (average) = 14 years
 Faculty Tenure at Harbor (average) = 8 years
 Faculty dedicated to early childhood education = 100%

• Our teachers are experts in engaging young learners and making the most of each student's potential,
• Our gifted specialists cultivate students' creativity with outstanding instruction in art, dance, music, foreign language, library and physical education,
• Ongoing professional development ensures that our faculty incorporates proven best practices for boosting student interest and achievement, and
• A low student-teacher ratio in every classroom allows the teachers to provide highly personalized attention to each student.

Directory of Faculty/Staff (position, e-mail address)
Bixler, Colleen Preschool colleen_bixler@theharborschool.org
Cantore, Karen Preschool karen_cantore@theharborschool.org
Cohen, Maria maria_cohen@theharborschool.org
Danielson, Jamie Preschool jamie_danielson@theharborschool.org
Das, Joyeeta
Emmanuelidis, Kay Preschool kay_emmanuelidis@theharborschool.org
Fangboner, Seth seth_fangboner@theharborschool.org
Forage, Maureen Assistant to the Head of School maureen_forage@theharborschool.org
Harris, Alisa Kindergarten alisa_harris@theharborschool.org
Hinton, Jasmina PE/Movement jasmina_hinton@theharborschool.org