Posted February 24, 2017
With weather like this, we found many opportunities to take the learning outside! Here, two students measure the width of the courtyard in standard units.
Posted February 22, 2017
During "Young Chefs," one of our afternoon enrichment classes, children baked and decorated their own pop tarts! Yum!
Posted February 21, 2017
Do you hear the call of the disco ball? Purchase your Early Bird tickets before March 1st to get a great discount on tickets for Harbor's Annual Gala. This year's theme is "Space Disco"! Please visit www.501auctions.com/harborschool
Posted February 21, 2017
Weaving with paper and fibers by kindergarten and 2nd grade.
Posted February 17, 2017
Our professional day involved a lot of hard work, but we made time for some fun too! Enjoy the long weekend!

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Welcome to The Harbor School

from Kendra Sun-Alperin, Head of School

When The Harbor School opened its doors in 1973, the late Beverly Bonwit, founder, described a harbor as a safe place from which to prepare for a journey.  Today, Harbor continues to provide a safe, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore, inquire, and create.  We challenge and celebrate each child – each of whom is a unique individual, and therefore, a unique learner.

The early childhood years, ages 3-8, mark the first level of a child’s education, and arguably, the most critical.  The Harbor School provides a strong academic foundation, as well as a solid base in building character.  Our five anchors, which keep us grounded and serve as our guiding principles, are creativity, respect, independence, love, and caring.  

To support our commitment to differentiated instruction and individualized attention, each of our classes of 12-14 students is led by two experienced teachers.  Each teacher is dedicated to educating young children during the most important years of their lives. 

When children graduate from Harbor and begin the next step of their educational journeys, they are confident and prepared.  Our graduates move on to both excellent independent schools and public schools in the area.  The Harbor teachers and I work alongside families in this process of finding the best fit for each child. 

Whether this is your first time to our site or you are a regular visitor, we are glad that you are here. We invite you to read about our dynamic and innovative early childhood program and to contact us with any questions you may have. 

At The Harbor School, we believe that all children are brilliant. Your child's gifts and talents will have an opportunity to shine here as they learn, grow, imagine and create. Explore our website and then make an appointment to see firsthand the many qualities that make The Harbor School an outstanding place for young children.




Every Tuesday at 9:30am and by appointment.

Call 301-365-1100 or e-mail to schedule a visit.



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